Zuzanna Bijoch covers Numero May ’12

April 28, 2012

Written by Daniel P Dykes.

Though the accompanying Narcisse pictorial is devoid of it, the May issue of Numero brings the embellished clothing trend to its cover.

Zuzanna Bijoch Numero

Zuzanna Bijoch covers the issue wearing Dolce & Gabbana. The image and accompanying Narcisse photo shoot was captured by Sebastian Kim.




Written by Daniel P Dykes.

Late one Oxford night Daniel P Dykes set about creating a fashion publication that would go someway to being an arbiter on fashion as it appeals to the emerging power generations: those who don’t remember a world without the Internet and for whom work plays second fiddle to pleasure. And so Fashionising.com was born as a publication for those who were focussed not just on fashion’s trends, but on society’s too, and how those trends could all go to heighten the art of living. Hence, Daniel sees a future where, for those young at heart, both fashion and style are grounded in traditional quality, but with a youthful, sensualised edge. Daniel is Fashionising.com’s Editor in Chief and Chairman.

Written 29.04.2012.


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