You should spend this weekend kissing

April 29, 2012

If I’m honest, at first I hadn’t the faintest ideas as to why H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS campaign focussed so heavily on couples of all persuasions kissing. Encouraging kissing doesn’t generally feature amongst campaigns aimed at preventing the disease. But it transpires that you can (and should) spend this weekend kissing for a cause.

fashion against aids

If you weren’t already aware, Fashion Against AIDS is an H&M campaign designed to raise awareness of HIV / AIDS amongst today’s youth. Since launching the campaign, the high street brand has raised in excess of $6.5 million for the campaign, with the money going to four different organisations whose mission it is to aid the prevention of HIV / AIDS directly or via education.

There are two ways that you can get involved.

The first is to buy pieces from H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS summer 2012 collection. We won’t knock it: it’s smack bang on trend and full of tribal prints and crop tops. 25% of your purchase of items from the special collection will go towards the charitable endeavour.

The second way you can get involved might be even more enjoyable than retail therapy. Get out your smart phone, open up the camera app, grab someone and lock lips with them. Or kiss them on the forehead. Or hand. Or elbow (actually, don’t do that, that’s weird). Whatever works for you both. Then head to and upload your photo. H&M will donate $1 to the campaign for every photo they receive. So this weekend, get your snog on.


Written by Daniel P Dykes.

Late one Oxford night Daniel P Dykes set about creating a fashion publication that would go someway to being an arbiter on fashion as it appeals to the emerging power generations: those who don’t remember a world without the Internet and for whom work plays second fiddle to pleasure. And so was born as a publication for those who were focussed not just on fashion’s trends, but on society’s too, and how those trends could all go to heighten the art of living. Hence, Daniel sees a future where, for those young at heart, both fashion and style are grounded in traditional quality, but with a youthful, sensualised edge. Daniel is’s Editor in Chief and Chairman.

Written 30.04.2012.

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