Stylish oblivion

March 31, 2012

Weronika Kosinska‘s protagonist may be curling her hair and getting dressed into pristinely elegant and feminine gowns; but she has something on her mind. Her pensive expressions, her blank stares, suggests that state of mind where you’re going about your daily business but your thoughts are bound up by the impenetrable ropes of some obsession, some singular though that occupies the whole mind.

As the shoot’s title Oblivion suggests: to the rest of the world, she’s oblivious. Kosinska’s photography captures the sentiment well.

oblivion by weronika kosinska

Styled by Joanna Wolff into sweeping dresses and lace lingerie that reach equal heights of luxuriousness, this beauty may be oblivious but she’s not going to go unnoticed. Starring model Gosia Ustupska, you can view the shoot in full at the gallery above.

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