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December 30, 2011

As far as unlikely style icons go, Charles Darwin is somewhere up the list. When we hear his name our thoughts are drawn to theories of evolution, natural selection; but as they apply to living creatures, not to fashion trends (as much as they do apply to both). But Darwin was also an avid botanist. He was fascinated by orchids; he adored carnivorous plants. He turned his garden into a living laboratory.

If Cecilia Austin’s shoot Darwinian takes Darwin as its fashion inspiration, it’s the botanical side that wins out. Minami Takashima’s styling is all about classic shapes, organic textures, and unusual plant-like accessories.

darwinian by cecilia austin

If model Oliver Escardo’s Darwin is discovering anything, it’s how to stand out from a crowd.

You can view the full shoot by Cecilia Austin at the gallery above.

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