Flirty yet faithful to the fifties: Miranda Kerr

March 30, 2012

The concept of taking the 1950s bombshell look out of Europe and planting it in the streets of Brooklyn is given a little bit of rawness by way of Terry Richardson’s hand. But even so, it’s pure femininity in each and every shot as Miranda Kerr struts the gritty Brooklyn streets in what Harper’s Bazaar bills as ‘unforgettable daywear’. But while ‘daywear’ may be a fitting description for some of the outfits (like a crop top / high waisted skirt ensemble), others are unlikely to resonate with readers as the kind looks they’d want to replicate casually. Transpose them for going out, however, and you’ll be on to some winners.

While sexily styled by Brana Wolf, and with a dedication to the era that borders on costume, were reminded that mixing up the vintage and the modern is the best way to make any ’50s look a street-ready one, especially if you’re looking for daywear.

miranda kerr by terry richardson

Titled Flirty Fifties, the shoot is from Harper’s Bazaar US’s April 2012 issue. View the rest at the thumbnails above.

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