Fashion trends in 2013

April 29, 2012

For most of us 2013 is little more than a distant speck on the horizon – our desires for how we want to enjoy 2012 not yet realised, and next year not yet a concern. But a lot of fashion designers are already putting their finishing touches on their interpretations of the year. The question is what those interpretations will look like. Will they continue the androgynous mood of fall / winter 2012 or push into something more feminine?

Read on after the break to discover the latest on the year’s fashions.

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2013 fashion trends

2013 fashion

Just because it’s new year doesn’t mean that all of 2013 fashion‘s is completely new. While there’ll be plenty of new fashion trends, a lot of them will evolve out of the past year’s trends particularly from the year’s last fashion season: autumn / fall 2012. Follow the link to find out which fashionable elements are a part of the end of 2012 and will have an impact upon 2013′s fashion trends.

2013 fashionable

Autumn / fall will become winter before 2013 starts, which makes spring 2013 fashions the first truly new ones of the year. Follow the link to our guide that explores the fashion trends of the season and their evolution.

2012 wardrobe

This isn’t an actual 2013 clothing trend in so much as it is one that has an impact on the fashion we’ll choose in 2013. The curated wardrobe are our thoughts on the new luxury: the luxury of indulging in 2013′s fashion (and beyond) always with an eye on quality instead of quantity. Read the manifesto to find out more about the old luxury of fast fashion versus the new luxury of selected fashion, and why having a curated wardrobe is the sign of being stylish.


Written by Daniel P Dykes.

Late one Oxford night Daniel P Dykes set about creating a fashion publication that would go someway to being an arbiter on fashion as it appeals to the emerging power generations: those who don’t remember a world without the Internet and for whom work plays second fiddle to pleasure. And so was born as a publication for those who were focussed not just on fashion’s trends, but on society’s too, and how those trends could all go to heighten the art of living. Hence, Daniel sees a future where, for those young at heart, both fashion and style are grounded in traditional quality, but with a youthful, sensualised edge. Daniel is’s Editor in Chief and Chairman.

Written 30.04.2012.

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