A seaside farewell

December 29, 2011

This is one of the last beach shoots Chad Muller intends to do. “I’ve been shooting fashion outdoors and on beaches for decades,” he explains. Back then, fashion was mostly shot in studios, and beach shoots involved either nudes or bikinis. “I had the idea to shoot fashion where people would normally shoot nudes or bathing suits,” says Muller. But as others have caught up and beaches are now the backdrops for everything from winter woolies to evening couture, he feels its time to move on.

Thus, in what promises to be one of his last sea-side shoots, Muller evokes something that isn’t raw, unadulterated sex appeal and isn’t wholly delicate beauty, either. It’s a mix of pretty and awkward, a mix that plays to model Aria’s youth and “quirky personality”.

chad muller Bambi issue 8

There’s something splendidly easy and natural about Chad Muller’s work here, shot half in digital and half on film. While we’ve no doubt that leaving the beach behind for good will only leave more room for other types of work, in some ways the parting of a photographer and the crashing waves is a sad farewell.

But, well, we all change our minds occasionally. Perhaps Chad will too.

Click on the thumbnails above for all of Chad Muller’s shoot starring model Aria Darcella. And if you haven’t already indulged in the full issue 8 of Bambi Magazine, click here.

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