Hitting The Gym While Cleansing: Good Idea, Or Bad Idea?

December 30, 2011

The Doctor Is In

December 30, 2011  1:12 pm

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What’s the opinion in the fitness community about exercising while cleansing? Are the two mutually exclusive or do they work well in tandem together?

It depends on the cleanse. I have tried many. Recently, I’ve been liking the Ritual Cleanse, which has a pre-workout and post-workout drink along with six bottles (8 total) that you drink every couple of hours for three days or more (there are various programs). I worked out during this cleanse. The only cleanse I did not work out during was the first three days of the Master Cleanse—which I personally wouldn’t do again. I do believe in cleansing—it helps us get realigned with eating right if we’ve been “bad” and it gives our colons a chance to clean out a bit; we change the oil in our cars, why not clean our systems out? But it’s important to listen to your body. The first few days of the Master Cleanse I was wiped out and thought it would have been dangerous to lift weights. After day three (it’s a ten day cleanse) I was much better and resumed. For the remainder of the ten days I worked out and had no problems.

There are many cleanses out there and I think in the name of keeping our bodies fit it’s good to do them a couple times a year. But it is important to remember that it’s not a weight loss trick. If you’re doing it to lose weight you’re fooling yourself. Even if you do [lose weight], when it’s over and you resume eating as you did you’ll simply gain the weight back.

As the director of curriculum and founder of Barry’s Bootcamp, Barry Jay has been sculpting some of the best bodies in the biz since launching his revolutionary exercise concept in West Hollywood, Calif., in 1998. Billed as “an efficient and fun workout in a nightclub party environment,” the combination of interval cardiovascular routines and strength training has spawned an international movement—and eight locations worldwide.

Photo: Courtesy of Ritual Cleanse

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