Gothic Edge, Girly Frills Meet in Sarah Pruden’s Collection

April 26, 2012

April 26th, 2012 by Kristen Foley

Sarah Pruden still has a garment she created when she was 11.

It seems to be a pattern (pun intended) that most fashion designers knew from an early age that they wanted to work in fashion in some facet or another. Whether they raided their own closet for fabric to create doll clothes, orchestrated their own wardrobe from pieces they had designed, or were recognized for their talent at putting together unique looks, the passion for fashion took root early.

Sarah Pruden is no exception. At the tender age of 11, she started sketching and creating her own clothes because she couldn’t find things she really liked in stores. She even turned her affinity for the color combination of red, white, and blue into a full-fledge outfit that she still has in her possession today.

“It’s a red, white, and blue pantsuit that I would never wear today. I had this red, white, and blue obsession and loved to put the colors together,” she laughs. “It’s all crinkled now because I had it in my portfolio forever.”

Her patriotic theme may no longer be part of her design repertoire; however, she is still inspired by a multitude of styles and cultures that have weaved in and out of her own personal experiences.

“I’m inspired by many different things, not always something particular,” says Sarah. “It could be something in nature, the city, patterns and colors. Gothic culture inspires me and I’ve also incorporated a lot of the ’80s and ’90s clothing styles and music into my pieces.”

Paintings by Salvador Dali, including “The Lugubrious Game,” as well as “Wave” a sculpture by Curtis Jere also provided an artistic vision for her senior collection. Sarah, who normally favors darker fabrics, tried to incorporate Dali’s rich color palette into her collection and mimic the sense of flowing motion she felt throughout both of her muses’ pieces.

Sarah’s designs are a mix of girly and gothic inspiration.

“I created something a little different than what I usually do. I usually do things that are a little dark, with kind of gothic punk mix,” notes Sarah. “ I wanted to add more color, but still keep my edgy look with it.”

The result is a collection of unique “cocktail-like” dresses fashioned from bolts of iridescent satins and taffetas. They have a slight girly presentation, but emit elements of Sarah’s fondness for a gothic edge.

“A compliment that has always stuck with me is that a lot of my designs are very original,” she says. “A few people have said they have always disliked style trends and were very excited about mine.”

Her future style trends are still a bit of a mystery for Sarah and she’s OK with that, but welcomes any opportunity that comes her way after graduation.

“I’m pretty open and I am ready to go wherever life takes me,” reflects Sarah “Although I would love to have a good start to my online store, selling my custom T-shirt designs, bags, jewelry, and any other clothing apparel.”

You’ll get a sneak peek of Sarah’s designs at the 2012 CCAD Senior Fashion Show, but only if you get your ticket soon.

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