From Carburetors to Chiffon, Tasha Dircksen’s Fashion Drive

April 19, 2012

April 19th, 2012 by Kristen Foley

Tasha Dircksen originally thought her career path was in automotive services, lucky for us she chose fashion.

Not many young designers can say that their original chosen career path involved automotive studies, but Tasha Dircksen’s path to CCAD started just that way. As a high school junior, Tasha enrolled in a vocational program for automotive services. But, she soon found that she wanted her future to include something far different than fixing cars and changing oil.

“I really thought the automotive world was where I belonged, but I hated the class so much that I spent the entire time on the computer looking at art colleges,” she remembers. “I didn’t even know art colleges existed until then.”

Although she ventured into the automotive world for a brief moment, her passion for design had long been with her, thanks to her mother and a desire to create her own wardrobe.

“I realized that what I wanted to wear wasn’t being made,” says Tasha. “My mother, who had plenty of experience sewing, lent me her machine and it took off from there.”

Tasha’s collection includes four different pieces, all inspired by her chosen muses (a process that took her all summer to complete simply because she had so many ideas to choose from). Her final choices include a painting by Max Ernst entitled “33 Little Girls Chasing Butterflies” and the sculpture “Blütenmotiv” by Rudolph Belling.

Tasha created jewelry for her models to wear during the show.

“The painting has this epicenter of color that I tried to bring out with gems that I have,” notes Tasha. “The sculpture echoes the asymmetry of my garments as well as the feel of the jewelry I made.”

Like many designers before her, Tasha’s own personal style is very different than the style she creates in her pieces. She readily admits that when selecting her own clothing, she is attracted to things that are basic and gray, yet her pieces are filled with silks and chiffons that flow with the subtle colors she picked up from her chosen painting.

“The painting has an explosion of blues and whites and I’ve applied this sort of design element in a rather toned down way,” she says. “It’s present in the way the beadwork radiates downward, or how the flowers are laid out with their pops of color.”

While completion is one of Tasha’s favorite parts of the design process, she shares that she’s not quite ready for the CCAD Senior Fashion show to be over or even for her own graduation. The idea of what’s next is still on her mind. She would love to continue to design jewelry and perhaps even move into bridal wear design. Until then, she still has one more piece to complete for the show—she plans to create something of her own to wear.

To see Tasha’s final creation and to enjoy an amazing night filled with fashion and fun, make sure you purchase your tickets today.

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